The Journey


Everything I did as a child had a drawing or painting attached to it. Anything creative occupied my time. The art program in my high school was amazing and formal training in all forms of art began in earnest. I was able to spend hours per day exploring and creating in a variety of mediums including lithography and jewelry. My favorite was drawing and painting though. I spent years working mostly in graphite. I also loved working in acrylic and mixed media. I chose a four year college and through a series of choices graduated with a BFA in Interior Design.

Fast forward to 2012 where I juried into Spanish Village Art Center, in Balboa Park, San Diego CA. I was invited to become a studio partner in Studio 34A. This opportunity to share my work and participate in an artists group there has impacted my art. The first pieces I juried into the Village with were colored pencil , strictly 2D on paper.

About 4 years ago, my work took a dramatic turn. I started thinking about ways to move outside the traditional boundaries of drawing and create with colored pencil in 3D. The idea of intersecting planes, or deviating from the traditional formats of landscape or portrait, these became a catalyst for a new direction. That also encouraged me to think of manipulating a paper surface so that flat was not the only option. And then, what if other surfaces would accept the pencil?

This became my new normal. I still work on paper, but it's freeing not to have that be my only option. When I see an image I want to work with, the possibilities of how to present it are limitless.

My artwork is a reflection of me. It is about sharing beauty, my inspiration, my impressions. As a result of allowing myself to explore, play, have learning experiences, my work involves a number of substrates including wood, porcelain, travertine stone, formed paper, canvas, and of course paper of different types and textures. I have even worked on 3D constructions, allowing me to tell the story of my subject from different viewpoints within the same piece.

Through this journey I am learning that the journey is never over. There is always something new to explore. Take a risk, give yourself permission to do a new thing. Most of all,enjoy the journey!